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Port Edward Travel Information

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Where to Shop in Port Edward

Since Port Edward is a small holiday town, it has no large malls.

To do some shopping for basic necessities, visitors can go to the Port Edward Mall on the corner of the R61 and Owen Ellis Drive, where they can choose between a few grocery and fast food shops.

In the heart of Port Edward's suburbs is the KwikSpar Centre, where Harrow Ave meets Owen Ellis Drive.

There are numerous hawker stalls and small refreshment, curio and speciality stores at the many beaches and in the small towns surrounding Port Edward.

For the more adventurous and energetic shopper, head South to the Wild Coast Sun Casino and Resort, or drive North to the large malls:

  • Shelly Centre in Shelly Beach
  • South Coast Mall in Shelly Beach
  • Hibiscus Mall in Margate