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Umtamvuna Bridge

Just South of Port Edward, lying across the Umtamvuna River one find the CH Mitchell Bridge, commonly referred to as the Umtamvuna Bridge.

The Umtamvuna Bridge connects KwaZulu-Natal to the Eastern Cape and is the largest steel suspension bridge in South Africa. Built in 1966, this bridge has a span of 206m, the highest point of the arch is 35m above the roadway, and the road is 30 m above the water level of the Umtamvuna River.

Maintenance is a real challenge on this bridge, as the steel is exposed to the salty sea air of the Indian Ocean, brought inland on the prevailing wind.

The bridge was rocked by two bomb blasts in 27 November 2002 for which the Boeremag took responsibility. The bridge was closed to traffic for 3 weeks to allow for repair work.

Umtamvuna River Bridge in Margate

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