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Red Desert

The Red Desert, found just outside Port Edward, is reputed to be the smallest desert in the world, being barely 200 metres across and surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation.

Theories of the origin of the desert range from extra-terrestrial landings to excessive overgrazing in a confined area.

There are grasslands, forests and wetlands surrounding the Red Desert, which are home to a number of rare endemic plants. Archeological artifacts have also been unearthed.  Efforts are underway to make the area into a conservancy to protect the uniqueness and significance of the Red Desert area.

A magnificent view over the nearby Umtamvuna Estuary and Umtamvuna Bridge (the gateway to the Wild Coast) can be seen from the nearby grasslands atop the cliffs which line the Umtamvuna Gorge. Clearwater Trails offer routes for walking or mountain biking along the Umtamvuna Gorge, from the viewing deck far upriver, all the way down to the Umtamvuna Bridge (built in 1966), allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and variety of the area.

Red Desert in Margate