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Margate Beach

Margate is the Mecca of many local holidaymakers. Each year, thousands flock to its endless beaches. Margate started its life as a holiday resort all the way back in 1919, on a farm of the same name.  With its immaculate beaches and tropical climate, Margate could only grow from strength to strength.

Margate Beach boasts off-shore shark nets and a team of professional lifeguards to protect its long, sandy beach. A wide variety of food and entertainment are within walking distance of the beach.

Margate Beach Virtual Tour by 360 South Africa

Some further permanent features include a children’s pool with fountains and slides,  a long paved footpath that allows one to stroll along the coastline past the old fishing pier (closed to the public for safety) and a whale viewing deck.

During holiday periods, lots of beach entertainment is arranged for Margate, including beach sports and live entertainment.


Another 360 view of Margate Beach.