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Lake Eland Game Reserve

Lake Eland Game Reserve in Oribi Gorge is just 40km from Margate, and 20km inland from Port Shepstone. Entrance is just R50 per person, and one can drive around the Game Reserve in a car (4x4 trails also available in parts).

Expect to see zebra, wildebeest and perhaps giraffe if you are lucky. The elusive Eland is also about, but very hard to spot as they are very shy.

Horse rides and hiking trails are available.

View sites over the gorge are spectacular, and not far from the road. Oribi Gorge truly is an awesome spectacle of nature.

The suspension bridge has become famous among the adrenalin junkies. This 80 meter long suspension bridge towers over the Oribi Gorge, leading to a wonderful view site known as Eagles Nest.

Suspension Bridge at Lake Eland nature reserve in Margate